ITV has been producing innovative
television for over 20 years with
more than 500 half hours of original content.
ITV founded.
Techno 2100 series debuts.
Hall Pass, the teen series received
Addy Awards - Gold - Local, and District.
Kids Health Matters Premieres.
The Art of Women's Health achieves
"Best National Network/Documentary
ITV Digital founded.
ITV earned a record of three FREDDIES
in one year.
A wide variety of programs developed
including eVenture Kids, and a series
of specials entitled: "Growing Up
Hispanic: Children in Crisis, Free to
Breathe and Smart Growth: Building
Better Neighborhoods".
Art of Women's Health season two airs
13 episodes on PBS.
eVenture Kidsairs nationwide.
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind provides
78 half hours of programming.
ITV Celebrates 15 years producing
award winning programs.
HBHM produces 26 new award winning
programs including a FREDDIE award
and 4 finalist distinctions.
Disaster Resistant Homes premieres
on Public Television.
Waging War on Cancer with Paula Zahn
series in production.
Waging War on Cancer with Paula Zahn
Season II debuts nationally on Public
Health Science Beta site
launches with over 200 segments and
long-form programs.
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind produces
30 more half-hour programs through it's
16th Season! The Science of Tai Chi
and The Science of Meditation one-
hour specials debut in HD.
Exploration Health begins...
The Cutting Edge Medical Report
MeTV Founded.
Techno 2100 receives recognition for
its insights in to 21st Century technology.
Healthy Woman2000 received three outstanding awards.
ITV honored at FREDDIE Awards for excellence in health-related programming.
The Art of Women's Health series
earns Gracie Awards
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind
premieres. Industry comment: "Destined for Greatness".
Kids Healthworks, a 25-part
parenting series premieres.
GE Medical Systems and ITV began health-related programs in hospitals and waiting rooms, entitled Health for Life.
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind is the
most carried healthcare oriented program on public television, airing to over 55 million households nationwide.
GE/ITV Partnership continues to air the Patient Channel bedside in over 1200 hospitals.
ITV begins global distribution of cutting edge medical and technology programming.
Winner of FREDDIE Award for
excellence in medical programming, finalist in six additional categories.
ITV begins shooting/mastering in HD.
ITV builds State-of-the-Art 20,000
square foot Production Studios in Boca Raton.
Waging War on Cancer with Paula Zahn debuts nationally on Public Television.
WWC Season II production starts.
HBHM continues with 33 new episodes.
ITV honored with FREDDIE Award and finalist in 4 categories.
Developement of web showcase for ITV production begins as Health Science Channel.
ITV launches Health Science
Channel on Verizon In-Demand
ITV and launch partnership to provide online long-form health content.
ITV and continue to promote DVD health series with over 200 episodes available
Healthy Body, Healthy Mind continues to its 18th Season! The third installment of Harmony in Motion, "Acupuncture" one-hour special debuts in HD ITV produces "ASAP" for patient education, in partnership with Purdue Pharma
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